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6th February, 2020

28th October, 2019

Den Haag
22th October, 2019

This morning, I met my old friend in my dream.
I asked to her "What are you doing now?" then she said with smile,
"I work as part-time-job. And, nothing change."
Actually, I don't know what she doing now.
Because we had not been met for about ten years.
But she was beautiful, as old-time.

3rd November,  2019

My art work for "i-D Japan"  2016

         Summer / 2019


Only sold 5 on "Tokyo Art Book Fair 2019"  12-15th July 

I met some people during these golden week.
Unexpectedlly, but I was stimulated by them.

6th May, 2019

「生活」 江崎 愛 写真展    

12/8 sat - 12/23 sun, 2018 / 12-8 PM 


江崎 愛 写真展  "humor"

17 Sat-25 Sun, March, 2018   12-20PM
中目黒 みどり荘

" NICE SAD DAYS " solo exhibition / 2011

I shoot  David Shurigry for "Bijutsu Techou".  / 2018

" PORTRAIT 2015-2017 "  self-published.  B4 /  P26   ¥2000

Paris, France 2016

I shoot for i-D japan "PUNK A LIFE" /2017

                ”no title”/2011

”STRANGE FOOD”exhibition /2011